Calculate Your Academic Scholarship

The College of Saint Rose is committed to enrolling students with superior ability and proven achievement. To support our commitment, the College offers a generous array of academic scholarships. These scholarships are not based on financial need, but on the merits of students' academic achievement.

The College of Saint Rose scholarships are awarded upon acceptance to Saint Rose and are renewable each year for four years or eight semesters, as long as the student remains in good academic standing as outlined in the College's catalog. The rigor of a student's high school/college program is considered in determining scholarship eligibility.

High school grade point averages will be recalculated to give weight to honors, AP and/or university-in-high school courses.

We consider the highest of your critical reading and math scores for the SAT and the highest of your composite ACT scores if you took the test(s) more than once. We will be using the post-March 2016 and converting the pre-March 2016 scores to the new scale. To find out for which scholarship you might qualify, enter accordingly.

ACT Score: (0 - 36)

SAT Score: (Max val 1600)

HS GPA: (100 Point Scale)

HS PERCENTILE: (100 Point Scale)