President’s Leadership & Inclusive Excellence Awards

The Award for Leadership

Self nomination form open to all ALANA students who have positively impacted the College community through leadership, campus & community involvement.
All nominees must be in good academic and judicial standing.

All fields required

  Nominee Name
  Student ID
  Education Level
  Current Semester GPA
  Overall GPA

Please specifically address each of the following questions

  1. Please describe how you have demonstrated a significant contribution to student life through volunteerism, committee involvement, student organization leadership, residence hall leadership, athletic leadership or other forms of campus participation.

  2. How have you positively impacted the lives of others within the College community through your demonstrated ability to lead in the classroom and/or on the campus at-large?

  3. List of Extracurricular Involvement

  4. Internship/Volunteer Experience

  5. Awards/Accomplishments/Leadership Positions

6. Please describe your racial/ethnic identity-check all that apply.

The deadline for nominations is March 18, 2020 and awards will be given at the Student Service Awards Celebration on May 2, 2020. Forward any questions to Shai Butler at 337-2306 or

**** All self-nominations must include a letter of recommendation by a faculty member or administrator on campus who can speak to your attributes as a campus leader (Leadership application) or your success in advancing Inclusive Excellence on Campus. The letter must be emailed to Shai Butler at no later than March 4, 2019.

    Faculty email address for reference:

Important New Change: The committee is only accepting two recommendation letters this year, one can be from a faculty member or college employee, and the other can be from a peer. You can only have one peer reference, but you can have two faculty references and no peer references. Any more than two letters total and the nominee may be disqualified.